Mumbai forensic team did not test actor Vis’s drug, AIMS reveals negligence after investigation

22 days ago

The forensic lab in Mumbai used 80 per cent of Bishant’s Sushant.

  • Sushant’s family complained that he was forced to take drugs
  • The CBI is trying to find out why the Mumbai FSL did not conduct the test.

On Tuesday, the AIIMS submitted the visa report of the late Sushant Singh Rajput to the CBI. At this point, the panel drew attention to the serious negligence committed by the Mumbai Forensic Lab. According to him, the lab did not perform many necessary tests. One of the tests was to determine if Sushant was given drugs.

There are allegations of drug abuse against the family

After the negligence, Sushant’s family complained that she was forced to take medicine. Now the CBI is trying to find out why the forensic lab in Mumbai neglected the visa test.

Suicide or murder? Not clear yet

According to Sudhir Gupta, who is leading a team of five AIIMS doctors, he and the CBI have worked together on the case and both have agreed. However, some issues still need to be discussed. According to Gupta, it is true that no poison was found in Sushant’s body. However, it is not yet clear whether Sushant committed suicide or was killed.

Mumbai FSL report comes 1 July

On July 1, Mumbai police released a report on Sushant’s viscera investigation. It was reported by the forensic lab that no toxins or suspected chemicals were found in the actor’s body. The report further claims that the actor died of suffocation after being hanged.

Why is the CBI taking time?

According to reports, the CBI conducted a dummy test at the place where Sushant was found dead. Now it is waiting for the report. Some more reports have not yet been received by the CBI. Asked about the delay in the case, the CBI made it clear that they were investigating the matter from every angle. Because it is taking too long.


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