Mukesh Khanna’s anger over Akshay Kumar’s ‘Lakshmi Boma’, said- ‘Spread this’

Mukesh Khanna’s Insta post is going viral on social media.

Mukesh Khanna said that people do this Dussehra film because they know that it will have sound. People will shout, then they will be silent, but the picture will be publicized.

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New Delhi. Bollywood ‘Players’ Akshay Kumar Nowadays it is the most awaited picture ‘Lakshmi Boma’ Busy preaching. In such a situation, there is a fight on social media over the title of Akshay’s film. Now the veteran actor in this regard Mukesh Khanna He also wrote a long post on his social networking site Instagram account that went viral on social media.

What did you write about the film?
Mukesh Khanna wrote in his post, “Should any picture be published with the title ‘Lakshmi Boma’?” There is a debate about this all over the country. Some people are demanding that the film be banned. Ask me, the picture is not fair, because no one has seen the picture yet, only the trailer. The picture is still pending. That’s why we talk about titles. Adding a bomb in front of Lakshmi seems to be fragile. There seems to be no thought of commercial interest. Should it be allowed? Of course not! Can you name the movie ‘Allah Boma’ or ‘Badmash Yeshu’? Of course not! So what a ‘lucky bomb’ !!!

Such an appeal from the audienceHe further writes, ‘People in this Dussehra film do it because they know there will be noise in it. People will shout, then they will be silent, but the film will be promoted. The film must be released. Will people be overwhelmed to see what’s in this movie in the theater on the first day? What does the title of the picture mean? It’s happening… it will happen it must stop! And this public can only do it by Janardhan. One thing is clear. Hindus have no fear or apprehension in these commercial people. They think he is tolerant. Understand soft goals. They know that swords will come out if they belong to any other religion or group. That is why the title of the film is not made with them.

It is about giving up ‘Lakshmi Boma’
At the end of the post, he wrote, ‘Some people are calling it profit jihad or Islamic financing. Maybe, maybe not, but even after spending forty years in film, I can say more with this claim that every producer wants to see his film hit. So it brings such strategies. ‘Lakshmi Boma’ is one of them. Spread !!!! ‘


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