Mukesh Khanna says that when women started working outside, the problem of M-two started.

16 minutes ago

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Actor Mukesh Khanna, who has gained fame in the country and in the world by playing a strong character, has once again made a controversial statement. She says in the Me-Too campaign that the problem started with women working outside. In a recent interview, she complained that women want to match men and walk shoulder to shoulder with them.

Mukesh Khanna said- Women’s writing is different, men are different
In an interview with The Film Discussion, Mukesh Khanna said that a woman’s writing is different and a man’s is different. The woman’s job is to take care of the house, which I sometimes forget to forgive. Where is the problem? What a me-too when women also started working. Today women talk shoulder to shoulder with men.

Mukesh Khanna is angry when he hears the name Lakshmi Bomb
Recently Mukesh Khanna got angry with the makers of the movie Lakshmi Boma. He had a problem with the name of this picture. Khanna then said – Lakshmi Boma title is being debated all over the country. If you ask me, the film is not fair. Just watched the trailer because the movie hasn’t been seen yet. Adding a bomb in front of Lakshmi seems to be fragile. Can you name the movie Allah Bom or Badas Yeshu? No, then how Lakshmi bomb?


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