Mukesh Khanna said earlier – if a woman goes out there is meat, now she says – I was talking about male and female religion

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Mukesh Khanna has clarified his controversial remarks given to women. He wrote in an Instagram post, “I am really surprised that one of my statements is being taken very wrongly. I am being called against women. As much as I respect women, I do not bother anyone.” That is why I oppose the name ‘Lakshmi Boma’. I did. I am concerned about the safety of women. I have spoken out against every rape case. “

‘I never said women shouldn’t work’

Khanna further wrote in the post, “Some people shouted at me with an interview clip. I never said that women should not work. I was just going to explain how Mitu started.” In our country, women have set foot in every field. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

‘I was talking about male and female religions’

She said, “How can I be against working for a woman. In that video interview I was just highlighting the problems that can come from working outside of women. Like the kids at home fall alone.” “I was referring to male and female religions, which have been going on for thousands of years.”

‘I didn’t say there was meat when the woman went out’

Khanna writes, “I did not say that the woman goes out, there is a Milu. I made a video on the subject a year ago, which I want to show you that even then I told women how to protect myself in my workplace. Even then I did not say. So how can I say today that women don’t work? “

‘I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my word’

Khanna further wrote, “I want to tell all my friends not to misrepresent my statement. My film journey over the last forty years has ensured that I always respect women. Every artist or member of every film unit knows that I always respect everyone. If a woman is hurt by a statement, I am sorry that I did not make it. “

‘Everyone knows how I live’

Khanna wrote at the end of her post, “I’m not worried that women will go against me. They don’t anymore. My life is an open book. I know how I lived, everyone knows. I want to show you the same interview from where I took this clip.” You can understand what I think about women. “

What was Khana saying in the viral clip?

In the viral clip, Khanna Metu said in the campaign that the problem started with women working outside. She complains that women like to match men and want to walk shoulder to shoulder with them.

Mukesh Khanna said, “Women’s writing is different and different from men’s. The woman’s job is to take care of the house, which I sometimes forget. From the meeting problem started, the women of Metu have also started working. Today, the woman is talking shoulder to shoulder with the man. “


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