Mukesh Khanna said – Can you name a picture Allah Bom or Badas Yeshu?

18 minutes ago

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Bhishma Pitamah of the Mahabharata is a regular attacker on Bollywood and his style of work. The latest incident is related to Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Lakshmi Boma’. Mukesh has expressed dissatisfaction with the title of the film through a long post on social media. Mukesh appealed to the people through his post to take action against those who mock Hindutva.

To appeal to raise the voice of the people
Mukesh wrote in the post- There is a debate going on all over the country about the title of Lakshmi Boma. If you ask me, the film is not fair. Just watched the trailer because the movie hasn’t been seen yet. Adding a bomb in front of Lakshmi seems to be fragile. Can you name the movie Allah Bom or Badas Yeshu? No, then how Lakshmi bomb? The people in this sad movie do it because they know it will make noise, people will be silent when they scream. However, the film will be promoted. It will continue to close. And this public can only do Janardhan.

Mukesh said – Lakshmi spread the bomb
Mukesh further writes- One thing is clear that Hindus have no fear or apprehension among these commercial people. They think he is tolerant. Understand soft goals. They know that the sword will come out after being distracted from any other religion or group. That is why the title of the film is not made with them. After spending 40 years in the industry, I can say more about the claim that every producer comes up with such strategies to see his film hits. Lakshmi Bom is one of those who spread.

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