Mukesh Khanna is bringing three films in a row to Shaktiman, announcing that whatever will be made will be bigger than Krish-Ra One

20 days ago

TV series is going to be a powerful movie. Mukesh Khanna has announced to film the story of Shaktiman in three parts. Mukesh shared the post on Instagram saying that it will return to the big screen, not on TV or OTT. They say – it’s like a dream come true for me. Shaktiman was the first Indian superhero and will always be. Hand in hand with a big production house, I can say that whatever will be done will be bigger than Krish-ra One.

Mukesh considers Shaktiman as a super teacher

Mukesh further said that I call myself Shaktiman a super teacher. I’m glad that now we’re back with a bang. It is an evergreen and contemporary story. Every decade, every century, darkness tries to suppress the light of truth. But in the end he really won.

Shooting will begin next year

The shooting of the first film of this trilogy will start after June next year. The adventure of Shaktiman will be shown in this film as before. When the title will be beans. Shaktiman was broadcast on Doordarshan from 1997 to 200 Do. Which was re-broadcast during the lockdown


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