Mother’s grief: Selina Jaitley mourns her son’s untimely death, message to parents – miracles could happen

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5 minutes ago

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Selina Jaitley posted a sensitive note on World Premature Day. In which she writes about the death of her child, what kind of pain she endured. He wrote on Instagram that premature birth of children is a very complex health problem. Selina has also posted many pictures of her child with this post.

Give courage with the story of your pain
Selina wrote in the post- Premature birth is a very serious health problem, but in the end there is hope and light. For parents in the neonatal intensive care unit, Haig Peter and I assure you that the situation is getting better which will be very exciting in the future. Kangaroo care, breast milk, love and trust in doctors can work wonders.

Selina further writes- We went through the pain and arranged a funeral for a child at NICU who we lost due to a congenital heart problem, but we continue to believe in the hope and care of NICU nurses and doctors in Dubai. Who has worked tirelessly so that the twin baby mud can come back home with us.

Although many pre-natural children still have the ability to develop challenging or life-threatening situations. Many are completely healthy some have become names like Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein and of course my own economist Jaitley Haig. Give your love and blessings to Earth and don’t forget to read how to save a premature baby.

Selina Jaitley is the mother of three sons
Notably, Selina, a former Miss India, married hotelier Peter Haig. In 2012, they had twin sons, Winston and Biraj. Selina then gave birth to twin sons Shamsher and Mati in 2017 but the two stayed in the incubator for 2 months due to pre-match births. Later, a boy died of heart problems.


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