Mota Singh became a singer, sang emotional songs for Ekta’s web series ‘Kahane Ko Humsafar Hai 2’

Is there anything that Mona Singh can’t do? This talented actress has been mesmerizing the audience with her performances for years and now she has also sung a melodious song. The lyrics are ‘Tarian Galan’, which has become a new compilation in Alt Balaji’s ‘Kahane Ko Humsafar Hai’ Season 2 and the song is titled ‘Tumi Ho Paas’. Written by Parvez Singh and Go Live and written by Preeti Aneja, this Punjabi song has become a new compilation of the show, which continues to captivate the audience.

About the song, Mona Singh said, “I always sing at parties because I enjoy the song. My father always encouraged me to sing, but I never took it seriously. I was not trained to sing but sometimes I sang in unity groups. He was the one who suggested singing a song in our web series. That’s how ‘Terian Galan’ was created. I was very nervous because I had never sung professionally in a recording studio before, but the band was very good there. We rehearsed for a while and everyone thought It will take me 4-5 hours to record, but I worked within 1 hour. I am very happy with the response we are getting and I look forward to singing more in the future. ” 2’s audience claimed. ‘Tarian Galan’ is on the right track to connect with the audience.

The youtube link for the song is here:


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