Monali Tagore’s father Shakti Tagore died; The singer wrote: ‘You taught me to dream to my father, proud to be your daughter’.

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15 days ago

Popular musician Monali Tagore’s father Shri Shakti Tagore passed away on October 2. The singer expressed her grief through an emotional note after her father’s death in a situation where Monali was closest to her father. Monali said she is proud to be the daughter of Shakti and will always be proud to follow in her footsteps.

Sharing pictures of some beautiful moments spent with her father, Monali wrote on Instagram, ‘Shakti Shakti Thakur, my father, my everything. The source of my existence. My greatest critic and cheerleader and my teacher. A heavenly angel with his hand on my head. Immortal father has left us. I have never seen anyone with such a kind heart. He was not good at everything but he was good at something. His kindness has amazed me all my life. Because of you I started dreaming. You have seen the magic of talent. Your strength has made me as strong as you. My heart is broken but I am a proud doctor dad. And make you proud too. ‘

I love you so much Dad: Monali

Next Singer wrote, ‘I will follow your map and just love. I will always be grateful for your precious love. And I know that there is no one else in this world who loves me as much as you. You didn’t even give us any problems when you left. You were like a king. I love you so much, Dad. I feel your presence because you are an angel, protecting me from negativity and giving me wisdom ‘.

Monali’s father Shakti was a popular musician and artist in the Bengali film world. He started his singing career with the film Harmonium in 19 Har6, after which Shakti has also sung in many hit Bengali films.


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