Mithun Chakraborty’s son Mahaksha for rape and forced abortion case; Gemini’s wife was accused of rape

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  • Mithun Chakraborty’s son Mahakakshay has filed a case of rape and forced abortion, many serious allegations against his wife Yogita Bali

Mumbai3 days ago

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Mithun’s son Mahakshar Chakraborty (right) is currently preparing to enter Bollywood. File image

  • Mahakshaya’s mother Yogita Bali was also accused of filing the case
  • An actress-model working in the film industry has filed a case against the two

A case has been filed against Mithun Chakraborty’s son Mahakshar Chakraborty at Mumbai’s Oshiwara police station for allegedly raping and abusing him. Gemini’s wife Yogita Bali has also been charged in the case. An actress-model working in the film industry has filed a case against the two.

In written complaint The accused victim model Md

  • Since 2015, there was a relationship between the victim and the victim. He had a physical relationship with the girl with the promise of marriage in space.
  • In 2015, Mahaksha called Victim home and gave him drugs in a soft drink. Meanwhile, Mahakshaya forms a physical relationship with the victim without consent and later blames the marriage.
  • Mahakshaya alias Mimoh continued the physical relationship for 4 years and was physically, mentally restless.
  • When the girl became pregnant, the superintendent pressured her to have an abortion. If the girl did not agree, she was aborted with some pills. According to the victim, she did not know that the pills given to her could cause miscarriage.
  • After the allegation, Mahakshaya’s mother threatened the victim and pressured him to crack the case.

Cases have been filed under these sections
Oshiwara Senior Inspector Dayananda Bangar said that Mahakshaya and his mother were charged under Sections 3 376 (2) (n) (repeatedly raping the same woman), 326 (poisoning or injuring another), 417 (fraud), 50 (threatening). ), 313 (abortion without the consent of the woman) and section 34 have been registered.

The FIR was lodged in Mumbai following a court order in Delhi. The model contacted the court in 2018. The court first asked the case to be registered in Delhi, then transferred to Mumbai with a final verdict.

Complaints have been leveled before the alphabet
The victim contacted the court regarding the case and then the case was filed on the order of the court. The Great Depression has had similar problems before. In 2018, two years ago, Bhojpuri actress Mahakashaya was accused of rape and abortion with a promise of marriage.


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