Mishti Mukherjee, who died at the age of 227, was identified by the number of items, the actress also got into controversy in 2014

17 days ago

Hindi and Bengali film actress Mishi Mukherjee died in Bangalore late Friday night due to kidney failure. He was only 2 years old and was suffering from kidney problems.

It is said that Keto’s diet deteriorated due to his health. The news of his death created an atmosphere of mourning in the film world. Let’s find out some unknown facts about Misi’s life …

  • Mishra’s real name was Indrani Chakraborty. He was born on December 20, 1992, to a Bengali family in Calcutta. Bina Chakraborty, the name of Misi’s mother, is a housewife and her father has a construction business. Misir has a brother named Aniruddha.
  • Mishi started her film career with Bengali films, after which she appeared in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. Mishti was brought into the discussion with a bold item number. He has been seen playing supporting roles in Hindi films like Main Krishna Hoon and Life Key to Log Guy.
  • According to reports, Mishti made her Bollywood debut in 2012 with the film ‘Life Ki To Lag Gai’. After that, he appeared with Rajneesh Duggal in a song from the 2013 film Mai Krishna Hoon. Juhi Chawla was the main character in this film. Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, on the other hand, had a special presence.

The name came on the sex racket

Missy’s name also became controversial when allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

In 2014, porn CDs and DVDs worth Rs 2.5 lakh were recovered from a rented apartment in Mumbai. Mishi’s father and brother were also arrested in the case for selling pornographic material, although they were released on bail.

Missy made it clear that she and her family worked together at home and detained four working girls. He was in the CD business and when Mishi went to Goa with his family, Mishti and his family were involved by four maids to protect them when they returned. The landlord later apologized to Missy for the whole affair and acquitted the family.

People who pay homage to another actress

After Mishi’s death, people are paying homage to another actress named Mishi Mukherjee on social media after which she has to make it clear that she is alive. “Friends, the news of my death is flying, which is why I want to say that I am very healthy and alive,” said Mishti, who made her debut with Subhash Ghai’s scissors. I still have a long way to go.

Another actress is Mishi Mukherjee whose name is Mishti

Another actress is Mishi Mukherjee whose name is Mishti


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