Mirzapur Second Season – Who will sit on the throne of Mirzapur from 23rd October?

‘They took everything away from us and left us, it was a mistake’
(Guddu Pandit)

‘We want what comes’
‘We will live on the throne or we will be the rule’

(Carpet brother)

‘And we are going to add a new rule, Mirzapur throne can change this rule at any time’ (Munna Bhaiya)

‘Now we also have to take revenge and Mirzapur too’ (Guddu Pandit) We have taken this rich dialogue from the trailer of ‘Mirzapur 2’. Which is the most viewed, popular and popular series of Amazon Prime on the OTT platform. The second part will be released on October 23.

Before we talk about the second season, we mention the first season teaser. Let us know that the teaser is 13 seconds to a minute and a half shorter than the trailer. It doesn’t give too much information. The teaser is just a conversation, a dialogue capable of telling the whole story.

The teaser is very effective, a rug appears on the screen, a gun peeks out of it. In the middle of the conversation, two paws of a corpse peek out of the carpet and in a few seconds tell the story, the dialogue is like this –

‘Here we make guns and control it too. In this business whether you are with us or against us, we are carpet brothers and it is Mirzapur
It is said that there is a huge difference in thinking between the old and the new generation. True, but sometimes it seems to make no difference. Now look at the film world itself, when we are talking about the film world here, the OTT platform has also been included. For many years, ‘Dhansu Dialogues’ cinema halls have been buzzing with applause and getting money. Really at the box office as well as cinema hall screens.

This passion of Bhasa in Dhansu dialogues is still present in the audience, applause is still being beaten and money is raining down. When talking about any show, the audience loves him to the extent of his passion only when he is number one in every field of creation. Be it story, screenplay, dialogue or acting or direction. The lyrics, the music, even the cinematography and editing are all amazing. Even if everything is at the top, the dialogues are created directly by the viewer. Therefore, if they are magnetic and effective, creation goes straight to the heart. Like many successful old and new films, the success of ‘Mirzapur Season One’ has reached two seasons on the shoulders of Dhansu dialogues. Its features are also amazing.

Now the trailer of ‘Mirzapur 2’ further reveals that confronting Guddu Pandit, Munna Bhaiya, Kalin Bhaiya and Sharad Shukla is more tempting than action, bloodshed and shooting and Dhansu dialogue? Yes, the new movie as OTT platform is full of bloodshed and crime and abuse, which is being liked by many, it is ‘Luva’. In the language of the film, the box is raining money on the office. So, let’s do it keeping in mind the morality of the moment and come straight to the issue, talk about ‘Mirzapur’, talk about ‘Mirzapur season two’.

Web series poster ‘Mirzapur-2’.

‘Mirzapur season one’ has started with Munna Vaiya’s dialogue- ‘Kalin Vaiya … King of Mirzapur … So’ Vo … ‘We have become … Yuvraj … Yuvraj ..’

In such a dialogue the carpet brother is seen announcing that ‘from now on Mirzapur will rule us’.
Se Tu Wan ends with a conversation with Sharad Shukla where he puts the pistol in front of him and says to himself in a very effective manner.
Sharad, I want Mirzapur, at any cost.

The way the teaser tells the story of one season, the autumn dialogue tells the next story.

Dialogue is enough now some other things also happen. It speaks of the throne of Mirzapur, which is the root of every problem and the ultimate goal of every character.

Kalin Bhaiya, who is currently sitting in ‘Mirzapur’, but his dialogue in the trailer says that he has decided to hand over the throne to his son Munna Bhai.

Guddu Pandit is a contestant. Golu Gupta, sister of his late wife Sweety Gupta, also killed a contestant is Sweety and Golu Pandit’s brother Bablu Munna. Sweetie has a conversation so she can be seen talking.

“You had in mind that your daughter should not rule Mirzapur, big or not, something is fine”

There is Sharad Shukla, whose father Gudedu Pandit Sere Mango was shot. After which Sharjah promised to rule Mirzapur. Guddu Pandit used to work for Carpet Bhai in those days. But he shot without permission.

A new character has entered series two. Who is the Minister of Bihar. Thus, the story of ‘Mirzapur’ and the carpet brother are likely to be connected with his monastery. This character named Dadda Tyagi has played about three feet Lilliput. This character looks very interesting. The door of Dada Tayagi’s house is about three feet high. That is, whoever comes to meet him must get down. They may also be candidates for the Mirzapur throne. His servant Vijay Verma is also there.

At the peak of one season, Carpet Brothers shot some policemen and SSP Maurya was also shown in his possession. Confusion was created that Maurya had also been killed. The mystery is revealed in the trailer and Maurya is shown doing his duty. There is an innate curiosity in the minds of the viewers that in the first season, how did SSP, who was a staunch opponent of Colin’s brother, survive death? Did the brother leave him? Interesting to see how it will come in anti or pro format?

Saliva is another important character. Carpet colleagues who deliver her poppies. Munna went to kill Guddu at his daughter’s wedding reception, where he killed Lala’s newborn daughter-in-law with Sweety and Bablu. Lala will also take revenge.

Making a trailer for it is more difficult than making a movie. Because it has to tell the story of the whole movie very briefly. The trailer of ‘Mirzapur Season Two’ is very amazing and captivates the viewers to watch this season. The trailer has been rocking on social media for the last fifteen to sixteen days. ‘Mirzapur’ lovers are completely engrossed in its fascination and they are confident that the second season will become more interesting and entertaining than the second season.

Veena Tripathi, Kalin Vaiya’s second wife, is also a very interesting character. His attitude is not less.

A warning to go on. Not the family watching this show. No doubt the show is very spectacular but it is full of action, bloodshed and abuse, so watch it alone.


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