Mirzapur-2: ‘Guddu Bhaiya’ said who he missed the most

Mumbai: ‘Guddu Bhaiya’ i.e. Ali Fazal from Mirzapur is an actor who jumps between Bollywood and Hollywood. His web series Mirzapur-2 has kept the audience insane. At the same time, his Hollywood film ‘Death on the Blue’ is ready for release. In an interview with Zee News affiliate channel WIUN, he spoke openly about his Hollywood plans. He also told how he kept himself busy during the Corona period.

Don’t miss out
Ali said that the audience has always kept us in the discussion for some time. There were so many memes about Mirzapur that we didn’t get a chance to think about anything else. Talking about Mirzapur 2, he said that the story started from where it ended last season. Bablu (sold Messi) and Sweety (Shreya Pilgaonkar) get blood in ‘Mirzapur’. Guddu and Golu (Shweta Tripathi) will avenge her death in the new season, Ali said, ‘I have never worked with Shweta before. His character in Mirzapur 2 is completely different from Mirzapur. But I will miss Bhrant and Shreya a lot.

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Choose to use
Ali Fazal added, ‘I like to experiment. I believe in doing something new. During the lockdown I completed a film, which was written and acted by two people. Although before that I shot ‘Death on the Blue’ in a great set. Both have their own experiences. Ali Fazal’s character is very strong in ‘Death on the Blue’. She will be seen in the film with Tom Batman, four-time Oscar nominee Annette Benning, Russell Brand, Don French, Gaul Gad, Army Hummer, Rose Leslie, Emma McKay, Sophie Oknido, Jennifer Sanders.

There was a party every day
Recalling his experience shooting the film, Fazal said, “Every day there was a big party on the set. Since the film’s director Kenneth Branagh is also an actor, he knows how to keep actors happy. We all really enjoyed it. Ali will not be seen as Gadat’s boyfriend in ‘Death on the Blue’, but as a passenger on the cross where the murder took place. The story of the film revolves around a cruise on the Nile River in Egypt, where a murder took place. The lives of people who come to celebrate the holiday on the cruise are completely turned upside down when it is seen that someone has died on the cruise. Every person is in doubt and everyone’s eyes see the other as a murderer. Once the murder mystery is solved, it is known that the murder was committed out of passion and violence.

Another Hollywood movie
Not only ‘Death on the Blue’, Ali Fazal will also be seen in the Hollywood war drama ‘Code Name: Johnny Walker’ (Code Name: Johnny Walker). Not saying much about the film, Ali only said that he is playing the role of Johnny Walker in the film, the rest of the star actors have not been decided yet. Talking about his relationship with Richa Chadha, Ali said that the two may get married next year.
Ali Fazal is working on several new projects including Fukre-3. Also, he has released an animated film, which he shot during the lockdown. The film is called ‘Peak’, which focuses on the Corona epidemic.


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