Milind Somane Defense Puja: Naked Milind Puja compares Bedi to Naga Babas, says- If crime should be arrested then nudity is crime

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Kabir Bedi’s daughter and actress Pooja Bedi has saved Milind Somen with the controversial film. However, his tweet has also involved him in the debate. In fact, Pooja Bedi in the middle of her tweet compared Milind Soman to running naked in the middle and said that if being naked is a crime then all Naga fathers should be arrested.

Pooja wrote in her tweet, “There is nothing obscene in Milind’s picture. Pornography is too imaginative. People like to see their crime, become famous and set a standard. If nudity is a crime, all Nagas should be arrested. That is not acceptable. “

Feedback from social media users

Many social media users are trolling Pooja in this tweet. One user wrote, “Your comparison is absolutely wrong. First read how someone can be a Naga father otherwise don’t make such comparisons for cheap popularity.”

One user wrote, “Sorry. But your comparison is completely wrong. Naga Baba lives the same life every season. Mil

Another user wrote, “This, if a woman shoots something, she is wrong and Milind is right. Why don’t you take a stand for Poonam Pandey? Why this double standard? And insulting Hindus in Bollywood these days? It’s normal.”

One user commented, “They (Naga saints) don’t have social media to show their pass. The comparison is wrong.”

On November 4, Milind shared nude photos

On November 4, Milind Somon posted a picture of himself on social media, showing her running naked on Goa beach. This picture was taken by his wife Ankita Kanwar which went viral.

Goa Police has since filed a case under Section 294 of the IPC (Pornography Act) and Section 67 (Disclosure or Transmission of Pornography in Electronic Form).


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