Milind Soman burns people’s hearts with fireworks, trolls say

New Delhi Milind Soman has a huge fan following on social media. He is very popular. Sometimes because of his controversial pictures, sometimes because of his words. He spoke with great understanding. Many admire him, many troll him.

Now the actor has given his opinion on banning fireworks. Milind is digging into those who are not satisfied with the ban.

He tweeted, ‘I hear many people are not happy with the ban on voice crackers. Do not understand whether he is with or against the vaccine.

Troll hunting
Many liked Milind’s tweet, then many started trolling him. One user shared a nude photo of the actor and wrote, ‘I have heard that many people are not happy with the ban on nudity. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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Tweet about waste management

Earlier, the actor shared a picture of his track on social media. At this point, he drew people’s attention to Western management as seen in the picture, with garbage and rubbish being removed along the way.

Praised by people

While sharing the pictures, Milind captioned, ‘Today on a short trip to Shiva temple with Ankita and mother. To make it more fun and to honor God, I picked up more rubbish and garbage lying on the street. The caretaker said that since the monkeys used to throw dirt and waste outside the dustbin, there was no dustbin and the garbage was burnt in the forest. People have been seen praising his work.

One user wrote, “Love and respect for both of you has grown.”

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