#Metu: Tina Dutt accuses Mohit Malhotra of touching her during shooting

Popular Tina Dutt on Colors TV through the show ‘Uttaran’ was seen in the lead role in the last TV show ‘Dion’. Tina recently made headlines for revealing a glamorous incident that happened to her during the shooting of the show. According to reports, Mohit accidentally tried to touch Tina while shooting an intimate scene. The news started spreading like wildfire when Tina was seen crying on the set.

According to reports, Mohit was seen walking on the set without any remorse where Tina was seen crying after the incident. Meanwhile, the news came that the case of Tina and Mohit has also been resolved.

In her statement to Pinkbilla, Tina reveals a lot of information about the subject. According to Tina, ‘Every time we shoot for a TV show, there are a lot of problems … big … small and bad. I have shared my problem with the production team and it is extremely helpful. I am very happy to have worked with Balaji year after year. I have now entrusted him with the task of resolving this matter.

Mohit also defended himself by saying, “He is my best friend and we share a good relationship.”


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