Media reports claim that CBI has confirmed the AIIMS report in its final report, considering the actor’s death as suicide.

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  • The CBI probe into the Sushant Singh Rajput death case has accepted the theory of suicide which is in line with the AIIMS search, sources said, adding that the CBI is now focusing on the causes of the suicide.

14 days ago

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The CBI team investigating the Sushant Singh Rajput death case has also admitted that the actor committed suicide and was not killed. According to media reports, the agency is going to give the same thing in its final report. Earlier, the AIIMS forensic team called it a suicide.

Based on information obtained from CBI sources, the Indian Express reported that the CBI had not found any evidence related to the murder in the case. No evidence of forcible entry into the home or any other source related to the murder was found. After which the murder theory completely failed and now the agency is investigating the reason why Sushant was forced to take his life.

The scene has been replayed twice

During the investigation of this case, the CBI twice re-investigated the scene at Sushant’s house with his height and weight dummy. During this time, the scene was re-enacted for the first time on 22 August, then the scene was re-enacted for a second time on 5 September to answer some more questions. Twice the AIIMS forensic team was with the CBI. Twice it was revealed that hanging is possible.

No injuries or scuffles were found

During the investigation, the CBI did not find any evidence that it could be considered a murder. The agency came to the same conclusion that it was a clean-cut suicide case. The investigation revealed that no injuries or other marks were found on Sushant’s body except for a neck mark and no random marks were found. The investigation did not find any evidence of poisoning or anesthesia.

Now the CBI will investigate the case from this angle

The CBI will now investigate the reasons after the suicide case was cleared. These include the role of Riya Chakraborty and her brother, professional revolver and nudity in Bollywood, drug addiction and Rajput mental health angle angle.

The forensic audit did not reveal anything suspicious

On the other hand, the forensic audit report of Sushant’s bank account did not find any suspicious transactions. According to the Indian Express, all of Sushant’s bank accounts had transactions worth Rs 700 crore in the last five years, of which only Rs 55 lakh was allegedly linked to Riya Chakraborty. Most of the money was spent on the spa and buying gifts.

Sushant’s father has filed a case of cheating

Sushant’s father KK Singh had filed a fraud case against Riya Chakraborty at the Rajiv Nagar police station in Patna. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has filed money laundering cases as the basis. In this case, the actress has been interrogated three times. However, the ED has not yet released its final report. A forensic audit of Sushant’s bank account was also conducted during the investigation of the case.

Rhea has been granted bail

Riya Chakraborty, who was jailed for a month in a drug case, was granted bail by the Bombay High Court on Wednesday. The High Court said Rhea is not part of the drug trade. He did not pursue drugs in any way for his own benefit or that of anyone else. At present, there is no evidence to suggest that he could have committed any crime after being granted bail. Earlier, the Sessions Court on Tuesday extended the rear judicial custody for 14 days and until October 20.


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