Masaba Gupta’s pain: 31-year-old Masaba said – I used to object to school saying ‘H’ because of the incomplete relationship between parents

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22 minutes ago

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According to designer Masaba Gupta, as a child, people used to call her a person because of the incomplete relationship with her parents. Masaba, 31, expressed her pain in an interview. He is the daughter of actress Nina Gupta and Vivian Richards, an experienced cricketer from West India. But they are not married.

Most of the boys at school scolded me

During a conversation with journalist Barkha Dutt for his show Mojo Story, Masaba said that he was always in a dilemma because of his color. But more than that, he had to face ugly comments because of his parents’ relationship.

He said, “I remember I was called H # and most of the boys in the school used to ask me, I didn’t know what H H & R was. I used to go and ask my mother when I used to. “It simply came to our notice then.

‘Boys used to make fun of my shorts’

Recalling the most brutal reaction, Masaba said, “At school, I played professional tennis. I was allowed to come to class late because I was playing for the state. The boys would open my bag in class, take off my underwear and he would throw it around. Do, because I’m the big girl He used to say, “The whole skin of her skin is black” “You think you’ll hit it, but it won’t.”


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