Manoj Tiwari said – don’t be afraid of threats, because no hair can be dandy until the call comes.

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  • Manoj Tiwari raised the issue of Sushant’s death at the Gopalganj election rally
  • Before going to Bihar election days, Manoj said how to disappoint people

Singer and MP Manoj Tiwari was more than Sushant during the Bihar election campaign. After that they are getting death threats. After the threat, Manoj was protected and advised not to attend the rally. However, Manoj has made a statement that he is not among those who are afraid. He said – yes it is true that Dinara received the threat before leaving. I was told by party members to leave the rally. But how can I disappoint so many people who come to Dinara.

Nothing will happen until the call comes
Manoj added- Of course I am scared of this kind of threat but it cannot stop me from doing what I have to do. My team is dependent on me to gather. Of the grace of God, I have got a crowd of 10-15 thousand people at every gathering in Bihar. It came from afar with the expectation of excellent supporters. I can’t disappoint them. As far as threats are concerned, these are the only places. If you want to go, you have to go. But no one can harm me until my call comes.

Speaking of social distance – we are being exposed
In an interview, Manoj also spoke about social distance at election rallies. They say – thousands of people are in the same field. But none of them follow Kovid’s instructions. We are expressing ourselves at a very high level of risk of infection. Nowadays, Manoj travels with his private jet to 4-5 cities every day for Bihar elections. After the campaign, Manoj comes to Delhi with his family in the evening. They are campaigning for the BJP for the Bihar elections.


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