Manish Paul is very happy with the success of the short film ‘Hitchhiker’, – It is a big thing when Mr. Bachchan himself praises the film

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  • Manish Paul is happy with the success of the short film ‘Hitchhiker’, says it is a big thing when Mr. Bachchan himself praises the film

Amit Karna, MumbaiA month ago

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The human appearance of the celebrities was revealed during the Corona period. In addition to providing financial assistance to the needy, many celebrities also became his voice. Manish Paul recently co-produced the short film ‘Hitchhiker’ with Raghubendra Singh. Directed by Anurag Kashyap’s assistant Kulish Kant Tagore.

The theme of the film, which deals with the needy, is shared by Dinik Vaskar with great enthusiasm. He is very happy that this short film has received praise from many celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan, Siddharth Malhotra.

What about the big response to this short film? Especially if you have praised Amitabh Bachchan?

Manish- ‘This is a big deal when Mr. Bachchan praises the film. He also shared it. He is the ideal of all of us. His praise increases enthusiasm. Very happy to receive the response. In the Corona era, many needy people could not get help due to lockdowns and social distance. It is everyone’s moral duty to keep their needs in mind. We were able to deliver those messages. We are very satisfied. ‘

Spoons are not fed. Because there were time constraints?

Manish- ‘Yeah yeah we didn’t make enough drama. From my mind, fun if the message comes in a smooth way. Happy people understood the message. Many people saw this short film and gave the message that yes they could not reach the needy due to lockdown etc. But my character in this movie woke him up again. Now again they will help him. What could be bigger than us.

How do you decorate and decorate your character?

Manish- ‘To put it bluntly, it didn’t take long for the character’s skin to crack. Because I am that character myself. Somewhere I could not reach those needy. Thus, he plays a big natural drama. We had to prepare for the hitchhiking. So much hiccups do not come again and again.

How did the picture come to you?

Manish- ‘Raghubendra is a very good friend of mine. He said about this script. He also asked if I wanted to do it. At the same time, we both thought it should be made. Kovid has time. The message in this photo will be encouraging. Keep up the good work. ‘

It’s a 3 minute movie, so to speak, but how many locations did it shoot?

Manish- ‘We just shot it inside a house. Shot in a car at the bottom of the house. Because there were some restrictions when it came out. We shot it following security and protocol. It shot with only five people. We didn’t want anyone to have a problem. We take full care of health.


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