Manish Mandhana, CEO of Salman Khan’s clothing brand Being Human, has been charged with assault.

Manish Mandhana, CEO of Salman Khan’s clothing brand Being Human, has been accused of assault. And this was complained about by a model named Andrea D’Souza. According to the report, a case was filed at Gamdevi police station on March 2. Andrea complained that Manish had beaten her so badly that she lost the ability to hear with one ear.

Manish Mandhana is accused of murder

According to a mid-day report, Andrea revealed that she met Mandhana when she opened the Being Human store in Dubai in 2015. In October 2015, we both started talking on social media. Since 2013, I have been traveling from Mumbai to Dubai in search of work. I moved to Mumbai in 2015. My own mind was bound by then. In August 2017, for the first time, he insulted me. My friend stayed at my house after shooting the portfolio. When Manish came to my house that day, he went straight to my room where my friend was sleeping. He went and lay down beside her. When I got home, he told me to lie down in the middle. I don’t like to see it at all. That night he left home again. The next morning my friend told me he was trying to feel me. When I tried to ask him this, he beat me. I had to leave the audition for Bigg Boss 11 that day because my whole face was swollen after this incident.

Andrea Susuza

15 Why register after one month FIR?

When Andrea was asked why she waited 15 months to file a complaint? Andrea said, ‘Because I was recovering from my injury. My friends also refused to take action against Manish because he was a strong man. Currently the police have recorded the statement and an FIR has been registered.


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