Malvi Malhotra, who was stabbed in the head by a surfer, said – ‘I can’t live with a ladder, I will train for self-defense’

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There has been a horrific incident recently with TV and southern actress Malvi Malhotra. One of his friends, Yogesh Kumar Mahipal Singh, attacked him with a knife and tried to kill him. In this case there was one-sided love. When the boy turned down the offer, Malvi faced a deadly attack. Malvi was admitted to the hospital after the accident where he underwent plastic surgery. The accused boy was taken into custody by the Versova police in Mumbai.

At the same time, Malvi has now been released and he has returned to the country. Malvi, who has recovered, has been hit hard by the incident. He plans to learn self-defense once he recovers.

‘I Can’t Live in Fear’

“There is a lot of fear,” Malvi said in an interview with the Bombay Times. You have to be more careful but I can’t live my life in fear. I have to be brave. My father told me to learn self-defense so that I could fight any such incident on my own and take care of myself. I want to be physically strong so that I can avoid such unpleasant incidents. I feel sorry for the man who did this to me. It leads to his criminal mind. I’m fine now. ‘

‘I came home and thanked God by praying to God because my body part is safe even after such a bad accident. My parents are with me. They are scared and worried because such things do not happen in Mumbai. He scared me to be alone but I can be sure I am safe. ‘

‘They told me they wanted to be with me all the time. It will take time for my wounds to heal. It will take me at least two months to recover. My left hand was badly injured and one of my fingers was stabbed. The medical team performed two surgeries because the finger was not connecting.

Udayan finished the work

Malvi, a resident of Himachal Pradesh, has acted in Telugu film ‘Kumari 21F’, Tamil film ‘Nadikku Andy’, Hindi film ‘Hotel Milan’ and TV serial ‘Udyan’. Apart from this, he has also worked in a few advertisements.


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