Malvi Malhotra described his tragedy, Learn how his life was saved

New Delhi Actress Malvi Malhotra was attacked with a knife by a young man while returning from a cafe in Mumbai’s Versova area around 8.30 pm on Monday. Malvi attacked near his home. According to police reports, the young man’s name is Yogesh Mahipal Singh and he describes himself as the creator.

Kangana Ranaut then appealed to Rekha Sharma, chairman of the women’s commission, to take action. The NCW President has promised to take action in this regard. Please say that Malvi is also a resident of Himachal. She has acted in Tamil film ‘Kumari 21F’, Hindi film ‘Hotel Milan’ and TV serial ‘Udyan’.

He was returning home after the meeting
“I arrived in Mumbai from Dubai last Sunday. I was very tired, so I did not leave my house that day,” Malvi told The next day, Monday, was also rested. I had a meeting on Monday evening at a coffeeshop near my house.

The accused also said he would kill himself
At the end of the meeting, Malvi walked towards the house. The young man started chasing them in the car. Suddenly the young man asked them to sit in the car. But he did not sit down and asked the young man to complain to the police. The young man approached them from behind Malvi and stabbed him in the stomach. Meanwhile, the young man is talking about killing himself. The youth fled the scene of the attack. At the time of the attack, 20 to 25 people were walking around. No one came forward during the attack.

No big loss
The attack was so horrific that there were multiple stab wounds to the abdomen as well as the face. The knife passed through the palm. The finger of one hand was also cut off. The abdominal attack caused a break in the muscle tissue which caused a lot of ding lumps inside. Satisfaction is that there was no major damage to any organ like liver, Malvi’s kidney. This time, people close to the actress are taking care of her.

Malvi said, ‘First, the young man stabbed me several times in the abdomen with a knife. Even after sitting under me he continued to stab me with a knife, since I was sitting, he is now hitting my face. I was warned and before the next attack I bowed to myself and tried to stop stabbing him with both hands. Saving the face, the knife crossed my right thigh and separated a left finger of my left hand.

It will take 2 months to recover
“I told a lot of people to take me to the hospital,” Malvi recalled. A boy present there who brought a wheel, he stopped the auto, even the uncle of the auto was afraid to put me in the auto, later I was taken to the hospital. There was so much bleeding that the whole auto was stained with blood.
According to doctors, Malvi will take two months to fully recover.

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Combined with work
The assailant involved in the work never met Malvi. Later this young man started chasing the actress. He was pressuring the young man to marry Malvi. Malvi ignored him, so he stopped chasing them. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Police said the flat was occupied by young men, who made full preparations to remove it.

Malvi has lodged an FIR against the youth. The FIR has been registered with the Versova police station, located west of Andheri in Mumbai. The FIR against the youth has been registered under Section 307. This section is trying to kill.

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