Malini Av Stir’s new song released based on the inseparable mother-son relationship

T-series Hummer Bhojpuri has released Bhojpuri song ‘Aja Babuya’.

Malini Avasti’s Bhojpuri song ‘Aja Babuya’ has been released in the T-series Hummer Bhojpuri, which is especially popular among the people of North India.

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  • Latest version:November 15, 2020, 5:46 p.m.

New Delhi: The famous folk singer of Bhojpuri is Padma Shri Malini av sti T-series Hummer Bhojpuri has released Bhojpuri song ‘Aja Babuya’, which is especially popular among the people of North India. The special feature of this song is that it is a successful expression of the dialogue between a mother and her son during the roof worship, made famous by the famous director Dhirraj Kumar, who made the film ‘Kashi in Search of Ganges’ with three idiot famous actor Sharman Joshi. Dhirraj will soon be making a film ‘Susagatam Khushmadid’ about Pulikit Samrat.

Dhirraj’s six songs have highlighted the great festival of folklore very well. Its music video is very interesting. There, in this song, Malini Av Stir’s melodious voice is enchanting. He himself is very happy about this and says that this song is going to be very special for the people of Chhattisgarh and Bihar this year. I went to this song, so I consider myself lucky. I would urge all the people of North India to listen to this song. I would also like to say that this time follow the instructions of the Chhath government and celebrate Chhath Puja.

At the same time director Dhirraj Kumar said that the Bhojpuri song ‘Aja Babua’ is dedicated to the passion of millions of mothers who cannot come to their homes on the day of roof worship. I have felt this pain myself. He said I go home at six every year. If one year I am unable to go home, there is a strange discomfort. My Mao is worried. This song describes the pain of every mother whose children do not come home for the festival. The music for the song was penned by Abhishek Amal and written by Manish Kishore. I started watching this video to see how difficult and important this festival is. You may have seen and heard your rising sun, but it is a festival where worship is done through the setting and setting of the rising sun. You must see. This song of ours will immerse you in devotion to Chhathi Maya. The beautiful voice of Malini Av Stir will come down to your heart from above.


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