Malaika got Rs 15 crore after getting a divorce from Arbaaz, she herself said what happened the night before the break up?

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Malaika Aurora is celebrating her 47th birthday on October 23rd. Malaika continues to be in the news for her stylish style and relationship with Arjun Kapoor, but her divorce from Arbaaz Khan has also been in the news for quite some time.

In 2017, the two’s 19-year-old relationship ended. After that, Malaika spoke openly about her divorce for the first time on Kareena Kapoor’s chat show What Women Choice. He further stated what his condition was the night before the divorce petition was heard in court.

That was the night before the divorce

When Kareena asked Malaika what was the best and worst advice she got from friends and people during divorce? In response, Malaika said, “I don’t think everyone’s first opinion is to do it, no one will say do it. So the first thing that hasn’t been done is to think.”

Malaika added, “The night before the divorce, the whole family sat down with me and asked again, ‘Are you sure? Are you 100% adamant on your decision? “I’ve been hearing this for a long time. And I thought they were the ones who cared and cared about me.

Talking about the best advice, Malaika said, “The best advice was people say we are proud of the decision you have made. You are a strong woman. I think I am really like that.” When you are not happy in married life, your dignity, You should do what you can for self-esteem. I’ve never talked about this before. “

These were thoughts about reunion

– When Malaika was asked if any relationship could break up and any other relationship could happen, she said, “Yes, why not. It’s important to move on after the relationship is broken. It would be difficult to date someone again after the relationship is broken.” Yes, but not impossible. “

About life after divorce, Malaika said, “For the first time you feel free. You meet new people. You sleep alone in bed. It’s also a new thing. This is your bed, you don’t have to share your space with anyone.”

Malaika’s divorce from Arbaaz in 2017

– Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora got divorced in 2017. During an interview, Arbaaz talked about his relationship with Malaika. According to Arbaaz, he does not know what the perfect relationship is. “I’ve been trying to save my relationship for 19 years but I haven’t been able to succeed,” he said.

Arbaaz paid Rs 15 crore instead of divorce

Malaika demanded Rs 10 crore from Albaaz Khan in the form of alumni in exchange for divorce. According to the report, Malaika was not willing to compromise on less than Rs 100 crore. At the same time, Arbaaz gave Rs 15 crore to Malaika as an alumnus.

Malaika and Arbaaz were married in 1998

– Popular reality show ‘Power Couple’ started speculating about their separation when the two stopped appearing together. The couple were married in 1999 and now have a 15-year-old son, Arhan.

Both of them got new partners

Malaika is currently in talks with Arjun Kapoor over her relationship with Arbaaz. At the same time, Arbaaz is in a live-in relationship with his foreign girlfriend Georgia.


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