Malaika B’d looked uncomfortable in a bold avatar at the party, that’s why …

New Delhi: Malaika Aurora celebrated her 47th birthday on October 23rd. At this point, she was wearing a very bold orange dress. Nowadays these garments are being discussed everywhere. Malaika is always seen in a bold and glamorous look, but this time she felt a little uncomfortable in this outfit. She poses for paparazzi with her son Arhan, but she is not a believer at this time.

Malaika’s birthday celebration was not grand
Just like every time, Malaika’s birthday was not a grand celebration this time. Only family and close friends were seen at his birthday party. On her birthday evening, Malai was seen in an orange coat-suit. Malaika, who arrived at the party, looked warm and sizzling in her bright orange dress. In addition, she wore orange shoes with orange peep toe heels to complement this look.

Hot avatar of Malaika
This look of Malaika is looking trendy to everyone. At this time his body was seen in full size. Malaika wore a black booster instead of a shirt to give this coat-pants a layer look. Because of this, he looked very brave.

Malaika became uncomfortable
The sweet Malaika Boostier with a sweet heart shape neckline on her shoulders was a bit bold. Perhaps this is why Malaika became a bit uncomfortable. At this time Malaika’s son Arhan also appeared in Cool Luke.

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