Mai Balak Tu Mata Gaan: Yubin Natial sings Mother’s Touch on Navratri

This hymn was sung by Gulshan Kumar.

Navratri 2020: Gulshan Kumar (Gulshan Kumar) The current ‘Mai Balak Tui Mata Sherwaliye’ of the main mother has now set the tone again with her lyricist Yubin Natial in her voice.

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Navratri 2020: The Navratri festival is starting from tomorrow i.e. 17th October. The nine forms of mother are worshiped with full devotion and the offering of Gulshan Kumar’s famous mother ‘Mai Balak Tu Mata Sherwaliye’ (Mai Balak Tu Mata Sherwaliye) is heard in the mother’s temple. Gulshan Kumar’s meeting was once again sung by musician Yubin Natial in his melody and tune. In the video of this song, actress Akanka Puri will also be seen with Zubin as his wife.

This new song from the T-series has given new life to Zubin’s sweet voice. The song is written by Manoj Muntasir and features Zubin and Akanksha Puri. Let us know that Akanksha Puri has also been seen in the role of mother Parvati in the famous TV show.

Listen to this gift of mother too.

Regarding this song, Yubin Natial says, ‘I have a spiritual element in every song and that is why I move towards bhajan. It is an honor for me to sing such a famous hymn of Gulshan Kumar in my own voice.


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