Mahesh Bhatt’s sister Lovina reached the court against Lodh, unconditional pardon and Rs 90 lakh. Claimed damages

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Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s sister Kumkum Shehgal and nephew Sahil have filed a defamation suit against actress and model Lavina Lodh in the Bombay City Civil Court. He demanded an apology and Rs 90 lakh compensation from Labina. In fact, Lovina shared a video on social media, calling husband Sumit Sabharwal the niece of Mahesh Bhatt and alleging that he supplied drugs and girls in Bollywood. Lavina further claimed that Mahesh Bhatt knows everything about this and they are trying to hide in their house and get them out of there.

Shehgal has apologized unconditionally

Kumkum and Sahil have applied to the court for an unconditional written pardon and an order for Rs 90 lakh compensation for the defamatory remarks against her. Also, the actress should be ordered to remove the offensive video.

Sehgal’s claim – Sumit’s distant relative

In the case filed through advocate Rizwan Merchant, Shehgal said Lavina married her distant relative Sumit Sabharwal in 2010. The couple lived in their Versoya flat. They weren’t vacating this flat, so file a lawsuit against him.

This month, she was given a notice to vacate the flat, which is why Lavina posted the offensive video on social media. According to her, it is a cheap way to try to get publicity and remove her personal enmity with her husband (who no longer lives with her).

Sumit says- I am not Mahesh Bhatt’s niece

Sumit Sabharwal also made an official statement recently stating that he is not a relative of Mahesh Bhatt. Sumit’s lawyer regretted mentioning the names of Mahesh Bhatt and his brother Mukesh Bhatt in the case. “We want to make it clear that our client was an employee of Bishesh Films Pvt Ltd and he is not a relative of Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt,” he said.

Mahesh Bhatt has threatened to take legal action

Lovena denied the allegations to Naik, Nayak & Co., Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt’s production house Special Films. “In the context of the video released by Lavena Lodh, we deny the allegations on behalf of our client Mahesh Bhatt. Such allegations are not only false and objectionable, but also have serious consequences for the law,” he said in an official statement. Yes. Our clients will seek legal advice and take appropriate action. “


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