Mahesh Bhatt has filed a defamation suit against Lavina, demanding Rs one crore in compensation

New Delhi: Actors Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt filed a defamation suit against actress Lavina Lodh in the Bombay High Court on Monday. Last week, Lovena posted a one-minute, 48-second video on her verified Instagram page and claimed she was being harassed by Mahesh Bhatt.

The actress further claimed that she is married to the filmmaker’s nephew Sumit Sabharwal. They further said that since they were supplying drugs to the artists, they also filed for divorce. Labina further alleged that Sumit also supplied girls and Mahesh Bhatt was aware of the matter.

Mukesh Bhatt has now issued a statement following the same allegations made by Lovena, saying, “Today (Monday) we mentioned in our defamation suit filed in the court that Mr. Sumit Sabharwal is the only employee of our film production company specially working in film for the last twenty years. Lovina claims in the media that she is our relative.

He further said, ‘My reputation, including that of my brother and my beneficiaries, is being deliberately and maliciously tarnished with the intention that it will assist in publicity and settle the matter out of court at an attractive price. .

“We have full faith in the judiciary and we want to see the logical outcome of the case,” he concluded.

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