Lying in bed for 10 months due to liver cancer, the lyricist’s desire to ‘give us so much energy’, the family had no money for a replacement

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25 days ago

Abhilash’s wife Nira sought emergency financial assistance from the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS).

  • He wrote songs for films like ‘Sawan Ko Aane Do’ (1979), ‘Lal Chuda’ (1974), ‘Ankush’ (1986).
  • The lyricist’s condition was revealed two days ago, when his wife requested financial help.

The lyricist Abhilash, who wrote songs like ‘Tai Shakti Hum Dena Data’ (Ankush), has died in Mumbai. He reportedly breathed his last on Sunday night. Desire was battling liver cancer and had been in bed for the past 10 months. His liver needs to be replaced. But this did not happen due to financial constraints.

The wife sought financial assistance from the IPRS

Information about Abhilash’s condition was published in the media two days ago. Geetika’s wife Nira Abhilash sought emergency financial assistance from the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS).

Deposit treatment was spent

Citing family sources, the report said the family spent all of its capital on the treatment of aspirations. Initially he is enlisting the help of well-wishers. However, they could not spend much time. Because the cost of liver cancer is very expensive.

Songs were composed for these films

According to the IMDB list, Abhilash has produced ‘Speed’ (1975), ‘Jawali’ (1977), ‘Sawan Ko Aane Do’ (1979), ‘Lal Chuda’ (1974), ‘Ankush’ (1986), ‘Hostel’. Wrote songs for films like ‘(1995) and’ Moksha ‘(2013). He is also credited with the dialogue of ‘Joy Jagannath’ (2007-2007) and the additional story of ‘Jit Hai Shan Se’ (198).


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