Learn from Sunny Leone how to wear a mask without ruining the lipstick

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Sunny Leone Even in the midst of the corona virus epidemic, she has found a new way to stay safe while shooting while preserving makeup. Sunny shared a photo on her Instagram showing Sunny Leone wearing a transparent mask. This picture of Sunny Leone is going very viral.

Sunny’s transparent mask
In the picture of actress Sunny Leone, the transparent mask covers her nose and face well and its specialty is that her lipstick is not going bad. Posting the photo, he wrote, “Makeup is safe in shots without damaging it.” Everyone loves this unique method of Sunny. Fans are constantly commenting on the film.

The image went viral
A few days ago, Sunny Leone shared a photo on Instagram with her husband Daniel Weber about the US election. Looking at the picture it was understood that both Sunny and Daniel had exercised their franchise. Also, in the caption Sunny expressed her excitement in a fun way. Sunny Leone wrote in the caption, ‘This suspense will kill me.’ People also commented on Sunny’s post.

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