Lawyer testifies – Cowan has nothing to do with my client Salman Khan, media should not show such news about him

A month ago

During the NCB interrogation and investigation, the names of many A-listers have been revealed in connection with the drugs. Meanwhile, Jaya Saha, the manager of Koan Talent Management, also had a connection to join Salman Khan. Now Salman’s lawyer has issued a statement, biasing him on the matter. In which it is said that Salman has nothing to do with Cowan.

Lawyers are the target of the media

In a statement issued by Salman’s lawyer Anand Desai, several media outlets informed about my client and India’s top actor Salman Khan as to which talent management company he has partners in. I want to make it clear that they have no direct or indirect stake in Kaun or any of its groups. At the same time, we urge our media to refrain from publishing false news about our clients.

The wires are being opened with Sushant’s case

The connection with Bollywood medicine is constantly coming to the fore. Since Sushant’s death, 6 Bollywood celebrities, including Salman, have been targeting fans. A case was also filed in Bihar. When the NCB questioned Riya Chakraborty and Jaya Saha, they both mentioned several names associated with Koan Talent Management. Salman’s connection was also mentioned by the company, after which a legal statement was issued on his behalf.


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