Lawyer Kangna commented in the post – there should be rape in the central city; Then wrote – ID was hacked

11 hours ago

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After filing a case against him, Kangana made a post about Navratri. The Orissa lawyer made threatening remarks about it.

Kangana Runot, 33, has been threatened with rape by a lawyer on social media. This threat is given in Kangana’s post so she mentions Navratri and fast. However, as the matter heated up, the lawyer apologized and clarified that my ID had been hacked.

Orissa lawyer Mehndi Raja Kangana commented in the post that you should be raped in Central City. “Users listened to Mehndi Raja fatally after this comment.” According to reports, there is an advocate in the Sessions Court of Jharsuguda District and Mehndi Raja Orissa. Ajay is being told that charges have been filed against the Raja.

Seeing the response from users, Raja wrote an apology in the post. Raja wrote – Today my Facebook ID was hacked, posted some abusive comments. This is not my view of any woman or community. I was surprised myself and apologized for it. I urge people to apologize to me. Forgive me for hurting my feelings. I’m really sorry about that.

Kangana wrote a post when a case was filed against her
A Bandra court in Mumbai on Saturday directed Kangana to file a case under various sections for spreading hatred in the name of religion. Kangana made a post about this. He wrote- Who is fasting on Navratri? The pictures are of today’s celebration, because I am fasting. Meanwhile, another FIR has been lodged against me. The Pappu army of Maharashtra is obsessed with me. Don’t miss me too, I’ll be there soon.


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