Lavina Lodh, who calls herself the wife of Mahesh Bhatt’s niece, said – they are trying to knock on my door.

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Lovina Lodh and Mahesh Bhatt. Lovena made her Bollywood debut with ‘Kajrare’ (2010) starring Himesh Reshammiya directed by Pooja Bhatt.

  • Lavina says she was married to Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew Sumit Samarwal, who supplies drugs and girls.
  • According to the actress, knowing Sumit’s truth, he filed for divorce, after which he is being threatened.

Actress Lavina Lodh has released a video and made several serious allegations against filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. In the caption, he wrote, “I am being harassed by Mahesh Bhatt and his family. Please support me.” According to Lavina, she was married to Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew Sumit Sabharwal. But when he found out that Sumit was supplying drugs and girls, he asked them to divorce him. Since then, Mahesh Bhatt has been washing his hands and lying behind him. They are trying to evict them from their homes.

‘Mahesh Bhatt knows everything’

In the video, Lovina says – Hello, my name is Lovina Lodh. I am making this video to protect myself and my family. I was married to Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew Sumit Sabharwal. I have filed for divorce against him. Because I found out that they are Sapna Pabbi, Amira Dastur provides drugs for the leading actors.

They have pictures of different types of girls on their phones, which they show to managers. So do those girls. And all these things are known to Mahesh Bhatt.

‘Mahesh Bhatt is the biggest don in the industry’

Lavina added that Mahesh Bhatt is the biggest don in the industry. This whole system works the same. If you don’t follow them, they will ruin your life. Mahesh Bhatt has ruined the lives of so many people. He has removed many actors, directors and composers from his acting.

They call from behind and the man’s work goes away. And people don’t even know. They have ruined many lives. Since I have sued them, they have washed their hands and fallen behind me. They are trying to enter my house in various ways. They tried their best to get me out of this house.

‘No NCO written in police station’

Lavina – When I go to the police station to write NC, no one takes my NC. Even if I write NC after a very hard time there is no action. If there is an accident for me or my family tomorrow, Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt, Sumit Sabharwal, Sahil Sehgal and Kumkum Sehgal will be responsible for it.

At least people should know that they have ruined the lives of so many people behind closed doors and what they can do. Because Mahesh Bhatt is very strong and influential. Thanks.


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