Lata Mangeshkar’s pain: Lataji’s fate poisoning, says – 3 months in bed, could not walk on his own

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2 minutes ago

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Swara Kokila Lata Mangeshkar is said to have been poisoned when she was 33 years old. Now Lata Mangeshkar herself has removed the veil from the back of this story. He said in a conversation, “We Mangeshkars don’t talk about it. Because it was the most horrible stage of our lives. The year was 196363. I started to feel so weak that I could get out of bed. The work was done. That I never felt like myself. I can’t go on. “

Physicians never doubted the song

When asked by Lataji, is it true that the doctors told him that he would never be able to sing again? So he replied, “That’s not right. It’s a myth built around my slow poison. The doctor didn’t tell me I could never sing. Our family doctor who healed me, RP, even Kapoor told me he was mine.” But I want to make it clear that there has been a misunderstanding in the last few years. I have not lost my voice. “

Lataji was in bed for three months

According to Lataji, after Dr. Kapoor’s treatment, he gradually recovered. “It was confirmed that I was slowly being poisoned. Dr Kapoor’s treatment and my determination brought me back. After three months in bed, I became recordable again,” he said. Was. “

Hemant Kumar was brought into the recording

After recovering, Hemant Kumar composed Lataji’s first song ‘Kahini Deep Jale Kahin Dil’. Lataji said, “Hemant Da came home and took me for recording with my mother’s permission. She promised my mother that she would bring me back home immediately with any pressure signs. Luckily for a good recording I couldn’t lose my voice.” Lataji’s song won a Filmfare Award. Won.

Mr. Majrooh’s important role in the recovery

If Lata Mangeshkar can be trusted, then Majruh Sultanpuri has an important role to play in her recovery. He said, “Mr. Majrooh used to come home every evening and sit next to me and recite poems. He was busy day and night and he had very little time for sleep. But the days when he was sick came. Even during dinner, simple meals were made for me and I wouldn’t have been able to get through that difficult time without Maj Majrooh. “

Caught poisonous

When Lataji was asked if it was ever known who poisoned him? So he replied, “Yes, I know. But we did not take any action. Because we had no evidence against that person.”


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