Last time in financial crisis: There was no money for treatment before Ashish Roy’s death, these stars also spent last time in cash

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  • Before his death, Ashish Roy did not get any money for medical treatment. Before him, Ak Akangi spent his last time in financial crisis to give Kumar Inder.

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Ashish Roy, who appeared in many television shows like Sasural Simar Ka, or Bahu and Beti, breathed his last on November 24 in Mumbai. Kidney failure has been linked to the death of a veteran actor. The actors had problems with financial constraints due to treatment. Before Ashis, many celebrities in the world of entertainment faced a last-minute financial crisis.

Manmeet Grewal Coronasale has spent a lot of actors for shooting stops and lockdowns. Some people were facing financial crisis when there was less work, one of them was television actor Manmeet Grewal who hung up the flat on May 15 due to financial crisis. The death of the actor is a big blow to the industry. Since then many actors have also raised the issue of delays and non-payment of fees in the payment cycle at the right time.

Prakash Mehta- Actress Prekha Mehta, who appeared in television shows like Crime Patrol and Lal Ishq, committed suicide by hanging herself at her Indore home on May 25th. The actress was worried about not getting a job before she died. The actress was only 25 years old then.

Indra Kumar- Actor Indra Kumar, who starred in many hit films like Tumko Bhool Na Paiga, Wanted, died of cardiac arrest on July 26, 2017. After the actor’s death, he told his co-star Deepshikha Nagpal and wife Pallavi Saraf that the actor was going through financial crisis. He appealed to many people in the industry for help but no one helped.

Mahesh Anand- Mahesh Anand, who gained popularity by playing negative roles in many hit films like Shahenshah, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, Thanadar, passed away in February, 2019. Two days after his death, his body was recovered from a flat in Versailles. After his death, the actor’s close friend Pahlaj Nihalani revealed that the actor had been a victim of financial crisis for a long time. He himself had promised to work in the film Rangila Raja, after which Pahlaj offered him a role in the film at the last minute due to his financial situation. Mahesh Anand had been away from the industry for the last several years and was looking for work.

Sitaram Panchal Actor Sitaram died in August 2017 after appearing in Pepli Live, Slumdog Millionaire and Pon Singh Tomar. Sitaram’s death was due to kidney and lung cancer. Before his death, the actor’s treatment was prolonged for which he had no money.

Meena Kumari- Bollywood industry star Meena Kumar alias Mahjabin entered the world of acting from the age of one. Meena has gone through a difficult time, gifting several blockbuster films. The actress fell ill three weeks after the release of Pakija. He was treated for a long time at the hospital where he went into a coma. The actress died on March 31, 1972, just two days after going into a coma. The actress, who said goodbye to the world at the age of 38, was a victim of financial crisis.

Hang it Legendary actor AK Hangal died on 26 August 2012. The actor has gone through bad times at the last minute. The actor did not even have the money to pay the medical bills while undergoing treatment in Mumbai. Many people in the industry came out to help him with this news

Nalini Joywant- Nalini was a popular actress during 1940-50. Nalini Joywant, the actress of films like Kala Pani, Rahi and Shikast, died in December 2010. After the death of her second husband, Nalini stopped seeing people completely and was away from work. Last time, the actress didn’t have the money to pay her hospital bills.

‘Sasural Simar Ka’ actor dies: Actor Ashish Roy dies at home due to kidney disease and financial crisis


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