Lamah’s 29th year: Anil Kapoor says wife Sunita was in Babymoon at the time of shooting in Lamah, son Harshvardhan was about to give birth

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20 minutes ago

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Anil Kapoor has shared an interesting anecdote about his 1991 film Lamhe. It has been 29 years since Lamhe was released on Sunday. On this occasion, Anil said that he was in a babymoon with his wife Sunita during the shooting of the film. He shared two pictures of himself with Sunita and wrote a post on Instagram.

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Anil Kapoor writes- I can say that you will call it our Babymoon. Sunita is right. This photo was taken during an outdoor shoot in Lame Lame. Harshavardhana you were also there. This was ready to enter the earth. Moments of 29 years. Sunita and Anil have 3 children – Sonam, Riya and Harshvardhan. Sonam is married and has different identities in the rear fashion industry. Harshvardhan is busy making a name for himself as an actor.

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