‘Lakshmi’ is coming this evening at 0:05, Akshay Kumar said- ‘Open the door and welcome …’

The film is being released at 7 pm today. Photo courtesy – য়AkshayKumar / Instagram

Akshay Kumar has shared a new poster of this photo with fans (date and time of Lakshmi release). With which he appealed to the viewers to watch the movie ‘Lakshmi’ and love it a lot.

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MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s most awaited film ‘Lakshmi’ will be released on November 9 at OT’s Plot Disney Plus Hotstar. The film will be released this evening. Before the release of the film, Akshay Kumar shared a new poster of the film with the fans (date and time of Lakshmi’s release). With which he appealed to the viewers to watch the movie ‘Lakshmi’ and love it a lot. The sharp look of the characters can be seen in the poster. For which he is getting a lot of praise on social media.

This poster shows Akshay Kumar wearing red dots on his forehead, wearing a sari and having long hair. Saying this, he is holding the trident in his hand. Akshay Kumar is seen in this avatar in the poster as he is playing the role of the third gender in the film. While sharing the poster, Akshay Kumar wrote- ‘Lots of entertainment, horror and laughter is coming to your door. So I opened the door and welcomed Lakshmi. Only at Disney Plus Hotstar this evening at 7.05 ‘

Kiara Advani will also be seen with Akshay Kumar in this film. The film is being released on OTT platform like other films due to corona virus, but Akshay said that he wanted his film to be released on the big screen. Let me tell you, this film was controversial for some time. Image has recently been renamed. Until now, the name of the film was ‘Lakshmi Boma’, but amid growing controversy, the producers named the film ‘Lakshmi’.


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