Lady Gaga’s entry at the last minute of the US election caused a stir

Washington: On Sunday, music superstar Lady Gaga tweeted about the fight between President Donald Trump. Trump’s campaign team accused Gaga of anti-fracking, after which Gaga retaliated.

Fracking refers to the removal of gas and oil from underground rocks using a mixture of water and chemicals. This new technology became increasingly popular in the millennium 2000. However, as its cost increases, its drilling increases the risk of earthquakes. According to the study, fracking also causes air and water pollution, which causes many health problems. Also, leaking methane gas during drilling causes global warming.

Thus began the debate
In fact, Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden said that “Gaga will come with him to a rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Monday evening.” Biden’s remarks prompted Trump’s campaign team to retaliate. I tell you that this is a very important state for winning the November 3 election.

“The campaign with Joe Biden’s anti-labor activist Lady Gaga shows how he is rejecting working men and women in Pennsylvania,” campaign director Tim Murto said in a Twitter statement. His move has shocked the millions of people in Pennsylvania who work in the fracking industry.

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However, this technology made America the world’s largest oil and gas producer by 2014.

Opposing Biden’s
Biden is in favor of banning cracks on public land and promoting the use of renewable energy in the country, but says he will not completely eliminate cracks. Then Lady Gaga came back and said, “Tim and Trump, I’m so glad I’m living in your mind without renting and you’re thinking about me.”

Grammy Award winner Gagao shared a picture of Merto’s speech in his tweet. Afterwards, Murto thanked Gaga for sharing his speech with his 82 million or 8.2 million followers, and he hopes to see it.

Let us know, according to a survey by Real Clear Politics, which came two days before the election, Biden is leading Trump in Pennsylvania with 4.3 points.


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