Kritti’s mother gave him the green signal to stay live-in, revealing herself

Pictures of Kartik Aryan and Kriti Sanon are going to be released in theaters soon. The story in this film is about a live-in relationship. Recently, in an interview, Kriti revealed something that you would be shocked to know. Kriti has made a revelation about her mother.

Mom gave the green signal for live-in

The story in this film is about a live-in relationship. In a recent interview with SpotBoy under such circumstances, when Kritti was asked about the live-in, she said that she had previously thought that her mother would go against it. But her mother called one day and said how do you think we would go against the decision to leave. Kriti said her mother is perfectly fine with her live-in partner, but Dad still can’t say. They should also be ready for this after the release of ‘Luka-Chupi’.

Karthik gave a funny answer

In this interview when Karthik was asked if he is dating Sara Ali Khan or Ananya Pandey? He answered this question, but postponed the date. Karthik also answered some questions in a very funny way.


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