Kriti Kharbanda remembers the turning point of her career, shared this post

New Delhi: Actress Kriti Kharbanda He says that his film ‘Shaadi Mein Jarur Ana’ which came in 2013 has changed his life. The film was released on the same day (November 10) three years ago. In her Instagram post, Kriti recalls her past experiences working in film.

Sharing some scenes from the film starring Prince Rao, he wrote in the caption, ‘This film came out on this day three years ago and then life changed. Many thanks to the whole team, listeners, fans, supporters and admirers. Hashtag 3 years of marriage

Directed by Ratan Sinha, the film is based on a small town couple who meet in the context of a well-arranged wedding. Their wedding night is an event that transforms this story of innocent love into a story of revenge.

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