Krishna becomes sensitive between Abhishek’s sister Govinda and Anvan, Aarti’s post goes viral

Krishna’s sister and Govinda’s niece Aarti Singh’s post has gone viral (Photo courtesy: @ Govinda_Herono1 / Artisingh 5)

Krishna Abhishek’s (Krishna Abhishek) sister Aarti Singh and Govinda’s niece Aarti Singh shared an emotional post on their Instagram account, which has now gone viral on social media.

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New Delhi. Veteran Bollywood actor said Govinda Ever since he arrived on the comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, he and his nieces Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) The allegation is that Krishna was actually seen playing the role of ‘Swapner’ in the famous comedian Kapil Sharma’s show and when Krishna reached Govinda for the second time in the show, Krishna disappeared from the episode, after which the feud between Govinda and Krishna escalated. Govinda even said that now he wants to stay away from Krishna’s family.

Aarti’s emotional post goes viral
At the same time, now Krishna’s sister and Govinda’s niece Aarti Singh shared an emotional post between the two on their Instagram account, which has now gone viral on social media. Aarti shared a picture of her hips in this post and wrote that this little baby inside me is still alive. She thanked those who endured the prestige of her children. He says in his post that he is often a child.

Aarti writes- ‘Aapne hote hai hai’

Aarti thanked him for remembering his bad times, who supported him at this time, although he did not name anyone in his post, only wrote, ‘November I love you … You gave me a lot to teach something, we have our own True.

Krishna accused Govinda of this
Krishna said in one of his statements that Govinda did not even come to the hospital to meet the boys who were fighting for their lives. At the same time, rejecting Krishna’s claim, Govinda said that Krishna may not know that he went to the hospital with the family to see the children and also met the doctor and nurse who looked after the children, but he was told that Krishna’s wife Kashmira Shah did not want any member of Govinda’s family to be with him. Can meet

Govinda wants to keep himself away from Krishna’s family
Govinda said that despite many requests he was allowed to see the children from a distance and we returned home with a heavy heart. He further said that he went to Krishna’s house with his sister Aarti Singh, whom he probably forgot to mention in his interview. Govinda is deeply saddened by Krishna’s behavior and says that now he wants to keep distance from Krishna and his family.


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