Krishna Abhishek Raju, who came in support of Bharati Singh, said bad things to Srivastava

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Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) has revealed that Bharti Singh has not been dropped from ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Krishna said, ‘It does not happen at all.

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New Delhi. From Bharti Singh And since her husband Harsh Limbachia is involved in a drug case, there have been frequent reports that Bharati has been removed from the TV comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, but comedian Kiku Sharda recently said in a conversation with the Bombay Times that she was about Bharati’s departure from the comedy show. Didn’t hear. At the same time, now Krishna Abhishek (Krishna Abhishek) has openly supported Bharati.

I am standing with admission
Now Krishna has told the Times of India in an exclusive interview that Bharati has not been dropped from ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Krishna said, ‘It does not happen at all. I haven’t heard much on the channel. No such decision has been taken by the channel. Even if something like this happens, I will support Bharati. He should go back to work. What’s done is done. We are standing with Bharati and Kapil Sharma. Bharati has my unconditional support.

Bharati is my sisterRegarding Bharati’s absence from the November 2 shooting, Krishna said, ‘I think Bharati was ill, otherwise she would have come. We are like family. According to Krishna, Bharati is like his sister. Krishna said, ‘I met him soon after his release. We go far. Our equation is outside our profession. I have seen Harsh since the day of his struggle. Apart from Aarti, if I have any sister outside of whom I proudly call my sister, she is Bharati.

Such is the bond between Krishna and Bharati

Krishna further said, ‘When my father was ill and when he died, Bharati was the first to meet me. Bharati was the first to call me when I had twins. I fell ill while hosting an awards ceremony with Manish Paul, but Bharati agreed without my tears. This works for anyone. This is the bond between us, so after release I had to meet Bharati at any cost. I don’t know about the world and others, but I am for Bharati.

Raju Srivastava has done a lot of bad things
At the same time, Krishna comedian Raju Srivastava spoke badly. He is particularly concerned about the remarks made by Bharati and others, including Raju Srivastava. He said, ‘Raju Srivastava has done a lot of bad things. What he said was shocking. He has ruined his lifelong relationship with everyone. The entire team of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is angry over his remarks.


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