Krishna Abhishek is shocked to see the transformation of the body of the Shah of Kashmir, sharing photos and calling his wife ‘Biryani’

  • Latest version:November 2, 2020, 3:01 pm IST

Mumbai Comedian Krishna Abhishek is shocked to see the transformation of his wife Kashmir Shah. Yes, Alam is something that Krishna calls his own wife ‘Biryani’. Kashmiri Shah, once known for acting and dancing in films, has been away from the screen for a long time. However, in the meantime he has also directed a film. But now it seems that Kashmiris are preparing to return to the screen again. Under such circumstances, the whole style of Kashmir has changed.

Sharing a new picture of Kashmiri, Krishna wrote on The Kapil Sharma Show to make everyone smile in their dreams, ‘When you eat biryani at home, why do you go out and eat dal makkhani? I am proud of you cash (cashmere) that you are back in your hot style again.

Krishna also shared the hashtag #kashisiback with this photo of Kashmiri. Kashmiri Shah also shared this picture of himself. There are many comments coming from people in this film of Kashmir. However, many people are commenting on Krishna’s biryani post in the same way. One user wrote, ‘Chicken or mutton’, then another user wrote, ‘Kashmiri biryani and apan raita ho bhai …’

I tell you that Kashmiri Shah has appeared in the first season of ‘Bigg Boss’. At the same time Krishna and Kashmiris have been seen dancing together in ‘Nach Baliye’. Also last year, Kashmir’s first film ‘Meni V Do Yaro’ was released, which he directed. Krishna was also seen in this film and he also produced this film.

Kashmiri has been seen in many films like ‘Yeh Boss’, ‘Love to Hugh’, ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’, ‘Bastab’, ‘Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge’, ‘Wake Up Seed’.


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