Koel Mitra posted serious allegations on Twitter

New Delhi: Actress Koena Mitra The microblogging platform has made serious allegations on Twitter. He claims that Twitter is banning his account and suspending many of his followers.

“A lot of my followers call me and tell me on WhatsApp that their account is being suspended or banned for no reason and they won’t be able to see my tweets in time,” Koena said.

With possible explanations, the actress said, ‘Artists have to be politically correct, but when it comes to expressing my views on a subject, I often choose to side with political issues. When I see riots or anarchy or controversy, I choose the parties myself without resorting to diplomacy. I think they don’t like it.

Koena also shared statistics to justify her claim, which has reduced the number of followers over the past few years.

Providing information, he said, ‘I suddenly lost 300 followers overnight, I lost about 2 lakh followers in just 10 days at a time. In 2018 I had about 755 thousand followers, which has come down to 2 lakh. He did not let my followers exceed 260,000 or 280,000. The moment it crosses the figure, it will drop to 2,60,000. It happened to me many times, not just once. I have lost more than five and a half million followers since 2018.

It is noteworthy that according to the official accounts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there are also coins. The actress feels that her views on political issues are bothering Twitter management, so she is trying to reduce her reach on stage.

Asked if the actress had complained to the Twitter customer service team, she replied, ‘I have spoken to Twitter directors and staff and exchanged mails. But he turned his back and said your followers have stopped following you. But this is not true, as I have talked to many of my followers. Apart from these some of them have been extremely rude and arrogant with me.

The actress also pointed to the recent fake social media followers scandal, which Mumbai police are investigating. He said, ‘My followers are real. Many celebrities are known to pay to buy fake followers. Doesn’t Twitter then remove such followers? Because they will get money from this? They lack principles and ethics. This is a normal business.

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