Kirti Kulhari is ready to speak out against marital rape, says- get an incentive under this ban

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kirti Kulhari has given her opinion on married rape on Tuesday. He said that now is the time that we should raise our voice against marital rape. Criti, based on this heinous crime, recently appeared in the web series ‘Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors’.

Kirti Kulhari said this

Kirti Kulhari said, “Criminal Justice: Back Door” highlights the issue of behind closed doors in married life. It shows how a man breaks up his relationship in the name of love and how it results. Now is the time to raise our voices against heinous crimes like rape and violence against us, which are encouraged by the prohibition of happy marriage created by society. It is a pain that educated and uneducated women are silently suffering from.

Kirti Kulahari was seen in the role of Anuradha

Kirti Kulahari in the series (Kirti Kulhari) Can be seen in the character of Anuradha, who is suffering from the violent behavior of her husband after marriage. He is a lawyer by profession. The character in the series is played by actor Jishu Sengupta, a lawyer by profession.

Let me tell you, ‘Criminal Justice: Behind the Back Doors’ is the second part of the Criminal Justice series. Bikant Masse was the main character of the ‘criminal judge’. He played the role of a boy who was very intelligent in playing football and studying, but his mistake changed his whole life. He has reached the back of the jail. The journey of justice from that oppression has been shown in a very interesting way.

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