Khatiran Khiladi 4 winner Aarti Chabria is secretly involved

Fans of Aarti Chabria have spread the good news that she is the winner of ‘Khatar Na Ke Khiladi’ season and many pictures like ‘Aura Pagal Dewana’, ‘Tumse Asha Kaun’, ‘Shoot Out A Lokhandwala’. . Aarti Chabria is secretly busy.

According to, Arta Chabria is involved with Bishard Badesi. It is said that Aarti is going to get married next month. Birashad is a businessman by profession. According to reports, their engagement took place in Mauritius a few days ago. However, the couple is going to shift to Mumbai soon after marriage. Due to his job, the expert had to travel a lot, so he had no problem moving to Mumbai. Bisharad on his way to Mumbai, he was born in Mumbai.

According to reports, Aarti is busy with her shopping and is looking for her family music shafi and reception date. The two met through a common friend. It didn’t take long for the two of them to realize that there was a lot of love between them and that their relationship should be taken to the next level.

Talking to about this, Aarti said, “Yes, but I will talk about it soon. Right now I am stuck in a lot of things.”


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