Kerry Minati’s song ‘Date Kar Le’ is ready to rock, will be released this day

New Delhi: Ajay Nagar has named Kerry Minati on YouTube Bollywood musician Selim-Suleiman has worked on the new track. The name of the new song is ‘Date Kar Le’, composed by Carrie Minati, Romy has given it a melodious voice, and Salim-Suleiman has composed the melody.

Informing her fans about the news, Carrie Minati wrote on Instagram, “It worked great with Selim-Sulaiman .. I’m very interested in it.”

Carrie shared a poster with him, showing him wearing a black shade jacket. The release date of the song in this poster is November 2.

A few months ago, Carrie Minati was in the news for the YouTube vs Tiktok video. In the video, he roasts the ticket. However, YouTube removed his video from his platform a few days later.

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