KBC 2020: Not one … Two contestants who were stuck on the question of Rs.

New Delhi: The 19th episode of the twelfth season of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ aired on Thursday at 9 pm. As usual, on Thursday’s episode, two contestants came to the hot seat and took part in the game. The first of these contestants was Joy Dhone, who arrived at the hot seat on Wednesday, but had to wait the next day before the Q&A session started because the hooter was bad. At the same time, Dr. Ram Krishna Kabra got a chance to win big money from other participants of the game.

Both the contestants were stuck on the question of Rs 6 lakh 40 thousand and had to leave the show. Both the participants have returned to the country with three lakh 20 thousand rupees. The first contestant to appear in the hot seat on Thursday was Joy Dhond, who works on a food distribution app in Delhi. Originally a resident of Joy Gwalior.

Joy was asked lakh lakh 40 thousand questions
Which of these Lok Sabha constituencies represents the son, his mother and his father?

1. Rye Barely
2. Fold
3. Chhindwara
4. Smile

The answer is yes 3. Chhindwara.

Dr. Ram Krishna Kabra caught on to this question
Dr. Ram Krishna Kabra, a resident of Hingoli in Maharashtra, was also asked one lakh 40 thousand questions, to which he could not answer. This question showed a picture of a woman who had to be identified. The questions asked are below.

Identify this scientist, who is the first woman to be elected a 2019 Fellow of the Royal Society

1. Makes good
2. Vijay Lakshmi Rabindranath
3. Soumya Swaminath
4. Gagandeep Kong

The answer is yes 4. Gagandeep Kong.

Every Friday comes the heroic episode of Karma
Padma Shri Ful Basan Yadav is going to come in this Friday’s Karma Veer episode. Flower Basin Yadav has made millions of women self-reliant in Chhattisgarh through her work. In today’s episode of Ful Basan Yadav, Amitabh Bachchan will talk about his fight. Kaun Banega Crorepati’s upcoming action heroic episode inspires everyone. Through this episode, you will get a chance to know about the great people working in the society.

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