KBC 12: Swarupa Deshpande could not answer 3.20 lakh questions, can you answer?

New Delhi In the last episode of ‘KBC 12’, a Coroner Warrior got the first seat in the hot seat. Subhash Vishnu was the first contestant in the hot seat. He is an inspector of railways. He could not stay in the hot seat for long. Caught in the fourth question, he returned home empty handed. Then after winning the Fested Finger First, Swarupa got a Mac to sit in the hot seat in Deshpande. Swarup store in charge. Navi lives in Mumbai with her two daughters and mother. Swarupa shows a good game at the beginning.

Swarup is not stuck in the question of Bollywood

Amitabh Bachchan asked questions about Swarupa Deshpande’s famous film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. The question was: In the climax scene of the DDLJ film, who is holding Simran Raj’s hand to get in the moving car? There were options for this question – 1 tram, 2. Bus, 3. Truck, 4. Rail.
Swarupa also gives the correct answer without wasting time – ‘Rail’.

After stopping, Swarup changed the question and chose the entertainment theme. In the context of entertainment, she was asked: Which Bollywood actress has these two daughters named Alisha and Renee? The correct answer was given by Sushmita Sen. Let us tell you that Sushmita Sen has adopted two daughters.

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He was able to answer the first eight questions correctly, but he fell into the 320,000 questions. Here, instead of answering the question, he decided to quiz the game and won Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand. Can you answer this question?

The question is: Which of these brands was launched by Karsanbhai Patel, which he named after his daughter?
The answer is: Nirma

The daughter gets a scholarship
Although Swarupa could not win more money than ‘KBC’, he stopped at the question of 320,000. He knows the answer to the question, but is confused about the answer. So they left the game without taking any risk. Swarup can win one lakh sixty thousand rupees from the show. Not only that, Amitabh Bachchan finally announced that Vedantu is giving his eldest daughter a scholarship of Rs five lakh. Swarup was very happy to hear this.

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